PVDManage & PVDField


Kentucky Clients Expand with GUTS (September 2016)

GUTS Kentucky clients continue to expand their GUTS’ services! Hart County, Kentucky, McCracken County, Kentucky, and Morgan County, Kentucky will join our always-expanding group of Kentucky counties, cities, and schools that benefit from GUTS’ tax bill processing and printing services on an annual basis.  GUTS prints and mails 500,000+ bills for 40+ offices each year across Kentucky.

PVDField Launches in Hopkins County, Kentucky (August 2016)

GUTS is pleased to announce the implementation of our PVDField assessment application in the Hopkins County, Kentucky PVA Office. Hopkins County has been a GUTS client since 2005 and we are excited about this growth in our partnership.  PVDField offers the ability to update assessment data, pictures and sketches while in the field and may be installed on any laptop or Windows tablet.  Thank you to PVA Pam Love and her staff!

​Introducing New Fee Accounts Workbook, Grant County, Kentucky (August 2016)

GUTS is excited to introduce our new Fee Accounts Workbook in the Grant County Kentucky Sheriff’s Office. Grant County, Kentucky has been a client since 2004 and we thank you for your continued business.  A special thanks to Sheriff Dills and Deputy Maines for working with our Development Team on this application for Kentucky.

​GUTS Welcomes City of Bonnieville and City of Munfordville, Kentucky (August 2016)

GUTS is pleased to have the City of Bonnieville, KY and the City of Munfordville, KY on board for our property tax bill processing and printing services.  Our team is excited to provide our print services in these cities.  GUTS prints and mails 500,000+ bills in Kentucky annually  for cities like Bonnieville and Munfordville and many counties throughout the state. Welcome Everyone!

Our 50th PVDCollect  client - Rowan County, Kentucky (August 2016)

GUTS is excited to welcome our 50th PVDCollect tax collection software client in Kentucky! Thank you to Rowan County's Sheriff Sparks, Shelley and Melody.

GUTS Welcomes New Kentucky Clients!

GUTS is pleased to announce the following Kentucky jurisdictions have chosen a variety of GUTS solutions to help make their operations more efficient and productive. 
Welcome Everyone!
  • City of Bradfordsville – Tax Billing Processing and Printing
  • City of Clinton – PVDCollect
  • City of Loretta – Tax Bill Processing and Printing
  • Greenup County Sheriff – PVDCollect and Online Tax Bill Search
  • Hardin County Sheriff – PVDCollect
  • Knox County Sheriff – Online Tax Bill Search
  • Madison County PVA – PVDField
  • Ohio County Sheriff – Website and Online Tax Bill Search
  • Owsley County Sheriff – PVDCollect
  • Pendleton County Sheriff – Online Tax Bill Search
  • Pulaski County Sheriff – PVDCollect and Online Tax Bill Search
  • Robertson County Sheriff – PVDCollect
  • Warren County PVA – PVDNET®
GUTS is a solutions provider, not just a software vendor. In other words, solutions designed by end users for end users. Every product and solution developed and implemented in our local government client sites was designed by subject matter experts (SME) from our client base; professionals with the desire to provide unequaled customer service to our clients. The entire suite of GUTS products are customizable. GUTS has been exceeding the technical and business needs of clients in the government and utilities sector for over 20 years. Our robust CAMA, Tax and Billing products now manage 1.9 million parcels daily in Indiana and Kentucky.  In addition, GUTS also bills and manages over 500,000 tax bills annually for the clients we serve. We have the experience and commitment required to provide outstanding resources tailored to your individual needs.

GUTS Welcomes Delaware County IN

Government Utilities Technology Service (GUTS) is pleased to announce that Delaware County, Indiana has chosen PVDNet® as their tax and billing solution.  Delaware County contains nearly 73,000 parcels and becomes the eleventh Indiana County to contract with GUTS for implementation and ongoing support of PVDNet®, a web-based application.  The eTreasurer and eAuditor modules of PVDNET® are expected to “go live” by the first of February, 2015.
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