PVDManage & PVDField


For CAMA processes, PVDManage and PVDField offer:

  •  User friendly data entry process and easy to follow screens
  •  Custom system flags and user settings
  •  Simple multi-year entry allows you to work in future years
  •  Advanced, detailed searches able to be exported to MS Excel
  •  Maintain sketches, photos, and deed images
  •  Detailed assessment, sales, and owner history
  •  Keeps notes for building, owner, and assessments
  •  Custom interface with ArcView for enhanced search experience


  •  Gives you the ability to update assessment data, pictures, and sketches while in the field
  •  Check Out feature allows you to check out a specific parcel or group of parcels from the GUTS   PVDManage software and update them in the field. Back at your desktop, you may check in those updated   parcels, which will update the data within PVDManage
  •  May be installed on a laptop or Windows tablet
  •  Allows you to utilize the same data and functions as PVDManage efficiently while in the field
More than 70+ Kentucky counties have benefited from GUTS' PVD software and expert customer support!