PVDNet® Suite

PVDNet IconThe PVDNet® Suite of products (eAssessor/ePVA, eAuditor, and eTreasurer) is specifically designed for CAMA and tax and billing professionals. PVDNet® suite integrates all of these functions into one secure, cloud-based property tax system.

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PVDNet® Suite: Every government official appreciates the need to do more with less. PVDNet® facilitates everyday processes with a truly integrated system. Share and view data, input property information and issue reports with confidence. PVDNet® Suite is highly secure and redundant, to protect your data and your uptime.



  • Role-based security allows staff flexibility in editing and maintaining records
  • Web API for data exchange between other client and public facing applications
  • Create and define parcel groups
  • Upload, access and link unlimited photos and documents to parcels
  • Create parcel flags for tracking
  • Export data in common formats (PDF, MS Excel, CSV)
  • Ad hoc reporting feature – define and save custom data fields
  • 24/7 systems access from a secure cloud environment
Additional Product Details
  • Search internal data elements for extensive review and analysis
  • Generate, save and export queries
  • Customize parcel groups for additional review

Full-service cloud capabilities include:

  • Hardware infrastructure, backup, and operational redundancy
  • Efficient and reliable solutions that can accommodate growth, 24-hour access and processing needs
  • Built-in redundancy for additional performance and to protect against hardware/software failures
  • All server hardware, software and applications included
  • Robust backup methodology
  • Training, support and maintenance of the PVDNet® product all within our cloud environment
  • Extremely secure national COLO facility with redundant AC power and internet connectivity: PVDNet® delivers 99.999%, 24/7 uptime
  • Servers monitored 24/7
  • Key system components including IIS and SQL monitored 24/7 to ensure uptime

eAssessor/ePVA: Streamline routine and tedious data-gathering tasks with ease and accuracy, plus capture details with our intuitive sketching functionality.



  • Provides CAMA calculations for land, improvements, and yard items for residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial real estate
  • Calculates and displays individual and total land and improvement calculations
  • Allows sketching of multiple improvements and yard items including linear features on a single parcel
  • Sketches and photos are linked to parcel for printing or retrieval
  • Supports entry of sound value in lieu of calculated values (with a field to record reason for override)
  • Supports adjustments, reasons for adjustments and adjustment history for error corrections, appeals and/or re-assessments
  • Ad hoc reporting
Additional Product Details
  • Supports application of equalization factors by property class and township
  • Provides assessment ratio levels and related calculations for improved or unimproved classes of properties in accordance with IAAO Standards
  • Calculates statistical data analysis elements such as coefficient of dispersion, median assessment ratios and PRD (Price Related Differential)
  • Supports entry, calculation and application of annual adjustment factors to real property assessed valuations
  • Supports user-defined logical grouping of parcels from different property classes for the application of annual adjustment factors
  • Calculates and displays segregation of various assessment levels as needed
  • Generates Notice of Valuation (Form 11) once property value has changed
  • After roll, allows for system to “lock,” preventing modification or removal of assessment data in the current year following certification of assessed values
  • Archives assessment data immediately following property roll to the next tax season or governing body


Mobile Home & Personal Property Assessment

  • Allows for import of KY State Tangible filings, and IN Business Personal Property filings
  • Supports IN Business Personal Property Forms and data extracts
  • Allows for detailed BPP information to roll from one year to the next to limit data entry
  • Stores Mobile Home data and supports IN Mobile Home data extracts
  • Allows for detailed Mobile Home information to roll from one year to the next to limit data entry



  • The PVDNet Appeals Module is designed to log, track, and process all appeal records through the entire property appeals cycle
  • Processes and tracks all appeals for all levels; Preliminary – County – State – Tax Court
  • Module is integrated with PVDNet Parcel database
  • Historical records of past appeals are stored in the module.
  • Creates appeal file records easily by auto-retrieval and population of required fields from the PVDNet database
  • Custom drop-down lists for county-specific tracking language/terms
  • Administrator can assign specific staff members to desired appeals and track the process through completion
  • The module assigns parcel flags that display the elapsed time of appeal filings when viewing at the individual parcel level
  • Comprehensive scheduling tool for Local and State Appeal Board Meetings and Hearings
  • The scheduling tool allows for scheduling, mass-mailings, printings, and updating of large groups of records at once
  • System-generated forms for all necessary appeal forms such as: meetings, hearing notices, final determinations
  • Dynamic searching capabilities within the appeals database allows for multiple-field search combinations and field updates for virtually all data fields in the system

eAuditor: Reduce time spent tracking and transferring vital information using the eAuditor integrated platform, and rely on the accurate calculations for everything from TIF parcels to ditch maintenance.



  • Supports complex parcel transfers, maintaining ownership and transaction history
  • Allows separate identifiers, including type and amount of deductions and fully or partially exempt properties
  • Accommodates unlimited Special Assessment types – add manually or via a batch upload
  • Incorporates a complete and robust process for handling Tax Increment Financing (TIF) parcels
  • Records all data required to prepare the abstract of property, assessments, taxes, deductions and exemptions
  • Lets auditor manage all aspects of ditch maintenance and ditch reconstruction projects
  • Ad hoc reporting
Additional Product Details
  • Transfer ownership from one entity to another
  • Transfer an entire parcel, part of a parcel (parcel split) and combination of multiple parcels
  • Tracks and displays all prior ownership and various related transactions
  • Enter sale price and other sale-related information in transfer process
  • Supports entry, calculation, and aggregation of individual taxing unit fund rates by taxing units and taxing districts
  • Remove deductions and/or exemptions when property is transferred to a new owner
  • Input property tax abatements with standard or customized schedules and percentages

TIF features include:

  • Identifies, accounts for, applies, and displays tax increment data and revenues by parcel and by tax increment district
  • Accounts for tax increment base value changes resulting from split or combine land transfers
  • Supports calculation of incremental net assessed values for the tax increment area as a whole and by taxing district
  • Segregates the base and increment amounts for calculation, collection and settlement of taxes
  • Allows multiple application of economic revitalization area deductions (abatements) to specific improvements for a parcel
  • Supports applying investment deductions to specific improvements for a parcel
  • Supports entry of state assessed distributable property data provided by the DLGF for tax calculation
  • Records all data required to prepare the abstract of property, assessments, taxes, deductions and exemptions
  • Supports data entry, calculation of error correction, applying the error correction to the assessed value, error correction history and refund generation and printing
  • Records all data required to prepare the certificate of settlement and statement of the distribution of taxes collected

Ditch Maintenance and Reconstruction

  • Auditor ditch maintenance and ditch reconstruction features include:
  • Enter new ditch projects (both maintenance and reconstruction)
  • Create liabilities for ditch maintenance and/or reconstruction that appears on the tax bill
  • Track payments and provide reports for settlement and distribution

eTreasurer: Efficiently manage all aspects of your tax collection process, from maintaining parcels to tracking liabilities to correcting errors, with easy access to archived data.



  • Track all liabilities charged by the county on the tax bill
  • Apply all forms of payments to the parcel
  • Pay individual or multiple parcels in a single transaction
  • Print a current tax bill in PDF format for delivery by mail, email or in-person at the office
  • Upload batch payment files from various sources like banks and mortgage companies
  • Ad hoc reporting
Additional Product Details
  • Manage parcels that are escrowed by a mortgagee or multiple parcels that belong to a single owner
  • Send bill-print files for all parcels to bill-print vendors and other third-parties who want an electronic version of the tax bill
  • Track parcels eligible for tax sale (real estate) or Judgment (personal property) and create files for third-party vendors
  • Enables Treasurer to initiate their portion of an error corrections (i.e., CofE and AA) within PVDNET® Suite and forwards to auditor for final approval
  • Snowbird address feature adds a secondary mailing address for the property owner without replacing the primary address
  • Supports the emailing of electronic bills to a mortgage company or taxpayer with responsibility for paying multiple bills
  • Incorporates refund data into the property tax settlement process
  • Calculates penalties for real property, personal property and mobile homes
  • Historical and future-year data is archived and accessible electronically


“We utilize GUTS for many aspects of our office, from PVDNet, which is an awesome property software, to the help they provide with many of our financial reports and updates to our Financial system. The staff is always available, workday or weekend, to help with the numerous deadlines the State requires the Auditor’s Office to meet. The GUTS staff is like family to us.”

Debbie Crum
Boone County, Indiana, Auditor

“We love PDVNet! We have been with GUTS/PVDNet for tax billing since 2009 and are very happy. We love working with the staff at GUTS/PVDNet. They are knowledgeable and always go above and beyond to help when we need it. Response times are always very quick. Any issues we have encountered and needed GUTS assistance for, they have always jumped right in and went above and beyond.”

Patty Pickens
Elkhart County, Indiana, Auditor

“Thanks to the GUTS team for always being on top of things. I know you handle a lot of different counties and companies but you always make us feel like we are important to you whether we are the largest or the smallest. Thanks again for all your help.”

Jill Mahoney
Trimble County, Kentucky