Ditch Maintenance & Reconstruction

Maintenance & Reconstruction


Ditch Maintenance & Reconstruction

Our Ditch Maintenance & Reconstruction Program:

  • Calculates charges, penalties, interest and installments (reconstruction) by parcel for each ditch
  • Each ditch can configured individually using affected acreage, variable rates and whether to bill or not bill
  • Tracks charges, payments, penalties, interest and displays on tax bill
  • Reports summary information by ditch and detailed information by parcel that is used for settlement purposes
  • Is an integrated module within PVDNET®
  • Data can be exported into MSExcel or pdf

Excel Ditch Maintenance and/or Drain Improvement Subsidiary Ledgers

  • Tracks ditch assessments, payments and interest and penalties paid
  • Tracks settlement revenues and disbursements broken down by ditch
  • Mass generate a Detail Ledger Report for individual ditches as a pdf document
  • Enter claims in Surveyor’s office and have data posted in pending queue for Auditor
  • Functions are restricted by user type to adhere to separation of duties requirements of SBOA using four levels of security; public, surveyor, Auditor clerk and Auditor administrator
  • Summary reports by ditch for balancing purposes
  • Data can be imported and exported and a powerful query tool is available