Tax Sales

Ensure your tax sale is conducted legally and efficiently with GUTS tax sales services. Our web-based application manages the process from start to finish, freeing your staff from time-consuming sales administration tasks so they can stay focused on public service.

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  • Let GUTS streamline the complex tax sale process
  • Services include organizing and conducting sales
  • Developed with our County Services Team: former elected and appointed officials with more than 60 years of tax sale experience in Indiana
  • Manage all eligible parcels in web-based application
  • Print all legally required documents, reports and notices
  • Manage certificate sales for unsold parcels
Additional Product Details

Manage the tax sale process with the GUTS web-based application which lets counties:

    • View the current status of the tax sale parcels
    • Update status for payments, bankruptcies, etc.
    • Print all required documents and reports

Generate pre-sale reports, including:

  • Advertising list with minimum bid •. Information and procedures guide •. Bidder registration form

Generate post-sale reports, including:

  • Bidder list
  • Sold items
  • County lien items
  • Status list

View tax sale parcels online via the GUTS website

Provide electronic lists to newspapers for advertising

Review and Download Previous Tax, Certificate, and Deed Sales Info.


“THANKS FOR ANOTHER SMOOTH YEAR! GUTS has always been great to work with and we are lucky to have you taking care of our bill printing. Thanks for all your hard work!”

Rob Robertson
Carroll County, Kentucky

“Our county had previously had PVDManage and we switched to a competitor’s software. Just recently we have switched back to PVDNet. I love it. There are things that are different, but it is so easy to follow the path and make your corrections accordingly.

Also, the help you get is wonderful. I can’t say enough about the GUTS team. They have always been helpful, even when we were using the competitors’ software.”

Jane Johnson

“Thanks to the GUTS team for always being on top of things. I know you handle a lot of different counties and companies but you always make us feel like we are important to you whether we are the largest or the smallest. Thanks again for all your help.”

Jill Mahoney
Trimble County, Kentucky