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The PVDNet® suite of products (eAssessor, eAuditor and eTreasurer) is specifically designed for CAMA and Tax & Billing professionals and has incorporated these respective functions in one integrated property tax system.


  • Role-based security allows staff flexibility in editing and maintaining records
  • Web API for data exchange between other client and public facing applications
  • Create and define parcel groups
  • Upload, access and link unlimited photos and documents to parcels
  • Create parcel flags for tracking
  • Export data in common formats (PDF, MS Excel, CSV)
  • Ad hoc reporting feature – define and save custom data fields
  • 24/7 systems access from a secure cloud environment

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Properly Tax Solutions is a collection of cloud-based apps made specifically to handle the various processes involved with property tax and assessment.


  • Industry leading software
  • Over 20 years of meeting business needs
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Tailored industry solutions

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GUTS Managed IT Services takes the task of IT infrastructure and administration off your plate and puts it into capable hands.


  • Reduces IT costs and keeps them predictable
  • Assures uptime: 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Proactively mitigates risks
  • Lets you maintain full control, visibility, and ownership of your technology systems
  • Backed by dedicated experts in both public- and private-sector IT

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“We utilize GUTS for many aspects of our office, from PVDNet, which is an awesome property software, to the help they provide with many of our financial reports and updates to our Financial system. The staff is always available, workday or weekend, to help with the numerous deadlines the State requires the Auditor’s Office to meet. The GUTS staff is like family to us.”

Debbie Crum
Boone County, Indiana, Auditor

“In 2018, as I was about to walk into the role of PVA, I asked what some immediate needs were for my office. It was recommended I stop doing in house printing and outsource it. Immediately the GUTS team stepped up and began working out the details. It’s one of my best decisions of my term. Thank you all. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I am not a fan of software/outsourcing/or IT Support of any kind. This team is probably one of the few exceptions, and that is the truth.

Eddie Frazier
Elliott County, Kentucky, PVA

“Thanks for everything you do for Boyle County. As this is my last tax year as County Clerk, I just want to say our business partnership has been nothing short of amazing. I remember when we first started with GUTS in the Sheriff’s Office and how much it has grown and expanded since then. I have enjoyed working with your whole team and wish you the very best in the future!”

Trille L. Bottom
Boyle County, Kentucky, Clerk

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