CAMA, Tax and Billing Solution

PVDNET® – a truly integrated CAMA, tax, and billing system

The PVDNET® suite of products (eAssessor, eAuditor, eTreasurer, and eOffice) is specifically designed for CAMA and Tax & Billing professionals and has incorporated these respective functions in one integrated property tax system. Business rules have been incorporated that will enable elected officials to comply with State Statutes in all facets of their property-tax-related duties. This truly integrated system eliminates the possibility of redundant data resulting from entering data into multiple databases. PVDNET® enables CAMA and Tax & Billing professionals to share the same data and to view the data not traditionally available to other offices. Roles have been established in the security structure to allow users either read-only access, partial modification of some records, or full edit capabilities.


PVDNET®’s web-based functionality and security roles make it easy for elected officials to allow individuals and businesses to have read-only access to public data. PVDNET® also accommodates the use of the Internet when the public wants to do business with counties for e-commerce transactions.

Elected officials are constantly being asked to do more with less. Enhanced use of technology can assist officials in streamlining business processes to improve quality and reduce the effort required to perform their duties. GUTS has created functionality in PVDNET® that absorbs most of the desktop work currently performed by offline users. The database structure was developed to be readily adaptable for legislative changes and will support the business process changes necessitated by state statutes.

PVDNET® utilizes wireless technology for assessing officials who want remote, real-time access to property system data while doing their field work. It will be possible to create sketches in the field and access GIS data from anywhere in the county.

PVDNET® will accommodate the sharing of property data with the commonwealth, state and other units of government. Commonwealth, state and county officials can send or receive sales data, tax rates, and abstracts electronically. PVDNET® will also be able to integrate with other systems with which the county needs to share data (i.e. GIS, Permits, Realtor Sales, etc.). Sharing data will increase the speed of processing data and it will eliminate the potential for mistakes that cost the county time and/or money.

GUTS is partnering with several companies to provide enhanced integrated services with PVDNET®. These integrations include, but are not limited to: cashiering, remote data capture, remittance processing, document imaging, sketches, wireless technology, and GIS.

GUTS is fully aware of the many challenges that face a county when contemplating a significant move to a new property management system. A few of those challenges include: converting massive amounts of data from the legacy property tax system and from many ancillary systems; training employees to learn new systems; making programmatic changes to comply with current local requirements; and the need to implement a fully automated tax and billing system.

GUTS stands ready to work hand-in-hand with county officials to find solutions for these challenges – and more. The GUTS team is accustomed to working with the end users to facilitate change and improve business processes by utilizing the latest and greatest technology. The team includes several MBE/WBE partners who have a great record of working on state and local IT projects.

PVDNET® can offer your county numerous advantages as you strive to provide a high level of service to your taxpayers. For more information about PVDNET® or to Schedule A Demo, contact us TODAY!

Functionality For All PVDNET® Modules

Unlimited Photographs and Documents can be linked to and accessed from each parcel


Allows for the creation of parcel groups, defined by the user, for unlimited further analysis

Allows for the creation of parcel flags, either defined by the user or system-generated, to track or identify specific parcel conditions

Provides standard, commonly used reports defined by the user that can be generated in industry standard formats (PDF, MS Excel, CSV, etc.)

Provides a robust Ad hoc reporting tool by which the user can search most internal data elements for extensive review and analysis. Queries can be generated, saved, and/or exported to industry standard formats (PDF, MS Excel, CSV, etc.)


System Functionality – PVDNET® eAssessor Module

  • Provides CAMA calculations for land, improvements, and yard items for residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial real estate
  • Calculates and displays individual and total land and improvement calculations
  • Support systems sketching of multiple improvements and yard items including linear features on a single parcel
  • Sketches are linked to parcel for printing or retrieval
  • Photographs are linked to parcel for retrieval or printing
  • Supports entry of sound value in lieu of calculated values and includes a field to record reason for override
  • Supports adjustments, reasons for adjustments, and adjustment history for error corrections, appeals, and/or re-assessments
  • Supports application of equalization factors by property class, by township
  • Provides assessment ratio levels and related calculations for improved or unimproved classes of properties in accordance with IAAO Standards
  • Calculates statistical data analysis elements such as coefficient of dispersion, median assessment ratios, and PRD (Price Related Differential).
  • Supports entry, calculation, and application of annual adjustment factors to real property assessed valuations.
  • Supports user-defined logical grouping of parcels from different property classes for the application of annual adjustment factors
  • Calculates and displays segregation of various assessment levels as needed
  • Generates Notice of Valuation (Form 11) once property value has changed
  • After roll, allows for system to “lock”, preventing modification or removal of assessment data in the current year following certification of assessed values
  • Provides archiving of assessment data immediately following property roll to the next tax season or governing body


System Functionality – PVDNET® eAuditor Module

  • Supports transfer of ownership from one entity to another
  • Supports transfer of an entire parcel, part of a parcel (parcel split), and combination of multiple parcels
  • Tracks and displays all prior ownership and various related transactions
  • Transfer process also makes available an area for sales price and other sale related information
  • Supports entry, calculation, and aggregation of individual taxing unit fund rates by taxing units and taxing districts
  • Supports calculation of property tax credits
  • Provides separate identification of type and amount of deductions as required by the DLGF
  • Provides and supports separate identification of fully- or partially-exempt properties
  • Removes deductions and/or exemptions when property is transferred to a new owner
  • Allows for property tax abatements with standard or customized schedules and percentages
  • Accommodates unlimited Special Assessment types that can be added manually or via a batch upload process
  • Incorporates a complete and robust process for handling Tax Increment Financing (TIF) parcels, including (but not limited to):
    • Identifies, accounts for, applies, and displays tax increment data and revenues by parcel and by tax increment district
    • Accounts for tax increment base value changes resulting from split or combine land transfers
    • Supports calculation of incremental net assessed values for the tax increment area as a whole and by taxing district
    • Segregates the base and increment amounts for calculation, collection, and settlement of taxes
  • Allows multiple application of economic revitalization area deductions (abatements) to specific improvements for a parcel
  • Supports applying investment deductions to specific improvements for a parcel
  • Supports entry of state assessed distributable property data provided by the DLGF for tax calculation
  • Records all data required to prepare the abstract of property, assessments, taxes, deductions, and exemptions
  • Supports data entry, calculation of error correction, applying the error correction to the assessed value, error correction history, and generation and printing of refunds
  • Records all data required to prepare the certificate of settlement and statement of the distribution of taxes collected
  • Enables the Auditor to manage all aspects of Ditch Maintenance and Ditch Reconstruction projects, including (but not limited to):
    • Entering new Ditch projects (both Maintenance and Reconstruction)
    • Creating liabilities for both Ditch Maintenance and Reconstruction that appear on the tax bill
    • Tracking payments and providing reports for settlement and distributio



System Functionality – PVDNET® eTreasurer Module

  • Permits a county to maintain, enter, update, and retrieve real and personal assessment records for two assessment years subsequent to the current assessment year
  • Archives and makes available for electronic retrieval historical and future-year data
  • Enables the Treasurer to manage all aspects of that office, including (but not limited to):
    • Tracking all liabilities charged by the county on the tax bill
    • Applying all forms of payments to the parcel
    • Paying individual or multiple parcels in a single transaction
    • Printing a current tax bill in a PDF format that can be handed to the taxpayer or mailed or emailed
    • Upload payment files from various sources (e.g. bank, mortgage company) to apply payments in a batch
  • Manage parcels that are escrowed by a mortgagee or multiple parcels that belong to a single owner; also provides the ability to email electronic bills
  • Incorporates a robust bill-print file for all parcels that can be sent to bill-print vendors and other third-party vendors who want an electronic version of the tax bill information.
  • Track parcels that are eligible for Tax Sale (real estate) or Judgment (personal property), including the creation of files for outside vendors.
  • Enables Treasurer to initiate their portion of an error corrections (i.e. CofE and AA) within PVDNET® and the Auditor can make the final approval.
  • Incorporates a Snowbird Address feature that enables the user to manage a secondary mailing address for the property owner without replacing the primary address
  • Supports the emailing of electronic bills to a mortgage company or taxpayer with responsibility for paying multiple bills
  • Incorporates refund data into the property tax settlement process
  • Calculates penalties for real property, personal property, and mobile home


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  • Government Utilities Technology Service
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