Would YOU like to…?

  • Reduce & Control Liability
  • Enhance Staff Productivity
  • Increase Compliance

CheckMate improves public safety, responsiveness and efficiency by giving you proactive tools to better manage your facilty.

Here’s how

Using the latest in Biometric (Fingerprint) technology, CheckMate offers: software based offender management ability; increased agency compliance; stronger inmate accountability and more reliable staff activity reports.

With CheckMate, you can

  • Manage & Document
    • Individual interaction between Staff & Inmates
    • Suicide/Drug Prevention and Response
    • Staff Activity
  • Track detainees to ensure their location at all times
  • Provide real-time alerts for immediate attention
  • Insure the separation of co-defendants
  • Prevent inadvertent releases

Additional Benefits

CheckMate provides real-time data sharing with other participating agencies. Increased availability of data on inmates gives you the advantage in managing your inmate population and providing stronger law enforcement function.

CheckMate does “everything” in one package; automation, tracking, compliance, and documentation.

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