PVDNet® Cloud

Bringing the best possible solutions to our customers with.  

  • Hardware infrastructure, backup, and operational redundancy.
  • Efficient and reliable solutions that can accommodate growth, 24-hour access, and processing needs.
  • Redundancy built in to provide additional performance but handle any unforeseen failures in hardware or software.
  • Providing all server hardware, software, applications, and a robust backup methodology.
  • Training, support and maintenance of the PVDNet® product all within our cloud environment.
  • Extremely secure national COLO facility which has redundancy not only in AC power, but in internet connectivity as well. Achieving 99.999%, 24/7 uptime and added safety for our users.
  • Servers monitored 24/7 as are many of the system components such as IIS and SQL to ensure their uptime.
  • State-of-the-art Equipment designed by best-business practices for this type of delivery model.

GUTS takes pride in providing turnkey cloud-computing with our PVDNet® SaaS offering, linking you with your data via the GUTS private cloud.